General car rental terms and conditions

Csik Istvan “STEVE” here in stated as the owner of Steve Rent a Car leases and rents its vehicles to any persons or companies for car rental purposes.

Reservations can be made by telephone, fax, or via the website. A minimum rental period of three (3) days is mandatory. Rental days are based on 24-hours starting at the pick up time with a grace period of 59 minutes.

Vehicle renting and driving:

Only the renters or drivers approved by Steve Rent a Car Budapest permitted to drive the vehicle! The minimum age required for all car groups is 21. A full valid driver’s license must be held for at least 12 months at the time of rental and must be presented with valid passport at the start of the car rental.

Liability of the renter:

It is the renter’s responsibility to drive the vehicle in a safe manner. The rental vehicle should be driven by, as the Hungarian Laws (KRESZ) requires. Neglecting the Laws, the renter shall be fully liable for any damages made to the rental vehicle. It is the renter’s responsibilities to pay the fines and other fees (parking tickets, traffic violations, speeding tickets etc.) imposed during the term of lease in connection with the vehicle. In case of the rental vehicle being stolen, the renter shall poses the ignition keys and locks, registration and all vehicle papers, rental agreement. If one of these is missing, the renter’s are fully liable for the total value of the vehicle. Please note that CDW and TP (CASCO) is not a fully comprehensive insurance!

Interstate highway tolls and parking fees are mandatory!


The CASCO (CDW-TP) insurance does not cover tires, wheels, loss of the vehicle keys and license plate, registration papers, windshields, antennas, cockpit interior, trunk, top, under the vehicle damages and towing charges of the rented vehicle that do not arise from the accident. Therefore, the renter shall be fully liable for such damages.

Security Deposits are mandatory, usually ranges between 150-300 thousand HUF depending on the car category groups. Extras such as CDW and TP (CASCO) insurance are mandatory to rent the vehicles (3-6 USD/day). Traveling and using the vehicle outside of Hungary there is a 10-20% extra charge addition.

Renter’s fully liability to damages:

If the person was not stated in the rentals agreement or neglected the Rental Company terms and conditions as well as the Hungarian Laws. Same applied if the damages occurred during towing another vehicle. It is also the renter’s fault and shall be fully liable for damages if it drove the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or other material capable of inducting twilight sleep. The rental company can charge the responsibility to the renter at any time for damages or car theft, up to the full value of the car, if the rental vehicle was driven outside of Hungary without the rental company permission. In order to ensure the safe operation of the rented vehicle the renter shall check the cooling water and motor oil gauge and shall indicate any problem in relation to them as well as the engine oil. Neglecting and continuously driving on low cooling water and engine oil the renter shall be fully liable any damages occurred.

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